Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemakers War 1941-45

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From the difficulties of safeguarding the messages that led to the destruction of the atomic weapons plant at Rjukan in Norway to the surveillance of Hitler's long-range missile base at Peenemunde to the true extent of Nazi infiltration of Allied agents, Between Silk and Cyanide sheds light on one of the least-known but most dramatic aspects of the war. Writing with the narrative flair and vivid characterization of his famous screenplays, Marks gives free rein to his keen sense of the absurd and wry wit without ever losing touch with the very human side of the story.

His close relationship with the White Rabbit and Violette Szabo -- two of the greatest British agents of the war -- and his accounts of the many others he dealt with result in a thrilling and poignant memoir that celebrates individual courage and endeavor, without losing sight of the human cost and horror of war.

Twenty-three is awfully young to find yourself with the power of life and death Leo Marks failed the examination to go and work on codes at Bletchley by being just too good and too much of a smart aleck.

Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's War, 1941-1945 Audiobook by Leo Marks

Instead, he was imposed on a not entirely willing Special Operations Executive SOE to teach coding to agents dropped into Europe and to decode the sometimes indecipherable messages they sent back at great risk to their lives. His speeches to his staff on the mortal danger of slowness or carelessness are classics of guilt-tripping. Absence of mistakes made him suspect that the Germans had captured SOE's Dutch agents--his youth and personality meant that his superiors were slow to believe him.

In his spare time, he revolutionized cryptography by inventing one-time-only pads, and wrote poems for agents to use as keys--including the poem associated with Violette Szabo, "Odette". This is a moving memoir of the agents like Odette and Noor Inayat Khan, whose fates we already know and whom he tried in vain to protect. This is a powerful memoir of war, responsibility and guilt; Marks, hitherto famous as screenwriter on Peeping Tom and son of the 84 Charing Cross Road family, has written a classic.

Martin Scorsese "Between Silk and Cyanide" is a mesmerizing account of World War II as fought on the home front in Great Britain by the ingenious codemakers whose work determined the life and death of the Allied agents in occupied Europe.

Leo Marks worked with spies such as Violette Szabo against the Germans in WWII

Leo Marks, a brilliant cryptographer, is a masterful and passionate storyteller. I was immediately swept into his secret world of codes and "undecipherables," trying at times without success to unravel the puzzles myself, and found it difficult to put down the book until the drama had come to an end. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Free Press, Condition: New. More information about this seller Contact this seller.

Between Silk and Cyanide: A Codemaker's War, 1941-1945 by Leo Marks

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Between Silk and Cyanide by Marks, Leo

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