Death from the Sky

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Long-billed corellas—which made up the majority of the animals discovered—are a protected species in the state of South Australia where Adelaide is located.

Death Valley National Park (U.S.)

Sarah King, founder of Casper's, said that the birds were in significant distress when she arrived at the scene after responding to a call from a volunteer. Some birds were bleeding out of their mouth.

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That immediately made us think of poisoning, which we've seen before. It slowly progressed into what I love shooting now when I tried astrophotography and started exploring the UK. How has social media Instagram helped you grow as a photographer? Are there any downsides? Instagram has been a great platform to display my work and connect with like-minded individuals whom I can consider genuine friends.

It does inevitably have its downsides, especially when you start judging your work by the number of likes you get and followers you have. How do you see things changing for landscape and outdoor photographers over the next few years? I am excited for the advances in technology, especially with drones.

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A few years ago the image quality of drones was pretty bad but now you can travel with something like the Mavic 2, which almost delivers DLSR quality in such a tiny package. I would also like to see people using their influence through social media and their photographs to raise awareness of the pollution and the destruction of this beautiful world. We kept a keen eye on the KP forecast, hoping for some activity.

As we were driving along from shooting the sunset we saw the sky light up and the aurora begin to dance. We frantically pulled over, whipped out our tripods, basically screaming with joy waiting for the images to expose. If we were able to get our hands on your camera bag, what would we find in there? What kind of research do you do before leaving for a trip?

Explosions in the Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day

That all depends on what kind of trip I am embarking upon. Once you arrive at a new location that you have not been to before, how do you spend your time searching for compositions?

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  6. I am not one to just get one shot on a tripod; I like to try and tell a story with images, so will get a few from different locations. I have found using a walkie-talkie to set up compositions with people in the distance for scale to be very handy. What are the ideal conditions for night sky photography?

    The Night Sky

    For shooting the Milky Way you want to be shooting around the new moon phase to minimise light from the moon. You also want to be somewhere dark — light pollution will ruin your chance of seeing the Milky Way. When we were in Death Valley, the sky was just incredible — near-perfect conditions. But Broome's worst day was still to come; a day of horror on the water that was claimed emotively by some to be 'Australia's Pearl Harbour'. At am on March 3, , nine Japanese Zero fighter aircraft from their newly occupied base in Timor attacked the pearling town without warning.

    Lasting less than an hour, the attack was devastating. Some 25 American, British, Dutch and Australian aircraft were destroyed. Of the well over 40 official casualties, many were Dutch women and children, who were packed aboard 16 flying boats - Catalinas, Short Empires and Dorniers - anchored in what was believed to be the safe haven of Roebuck Bay. At the time they were either waiting to be unloaded and ferried ashore or being readied to fly further south. A number of those on the aircraft, including crew, had, in fact, been forced to stay crammed onboard that evening because of a lack of available accommodation in the Broome township.

    Broome at that time was a staging point for thousands of evacuees, who were escaping the advance of the Japanese from Java. Most victims were killed instantly or incinerated, while others drowned or were taken by sharks as they attempted to swim ashore.

    Elsewhere severe damage was caused to military aircraft on the ground and the buildings at the airport. A DC-3 laden with refugees was shot down and a recorded 32, mostly wounded US servicemen, died when their Liberator aircraft was also shot down and destroyed. With no allied fighters in the area it seems the Zeros faced minimal opposition as they completed their bombing tasks with ruthless efficiency.

    Not a single operational aircraft was left in Broome when the Japanese finally departed barely an hour after the attack began. Long range fuel tanks had been fitted to the attacking planes to enable them to cover the distance and then return to base in Timor. Many of these long range tanks were jettisoned over Broome.

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    Only one Zero was shot down by ground fire during the raid. A second went down when it ran out of fuel on the way back to its Timor base. It is reported that the pilot concerned was found and picked up almost three weeks later. Reports from Broome at the end of the horrific attack told of a "scene of ghastly devastation One estimate, believed to be conservative, put the number in the region of It was reported after the war that the Japanese pilots were actually ordered not to attack the Broome township itself, but simply to concentrate on the aircraft in the bay, at the airport and other military targets.