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Good luck with everything and god bless! I was married for 6 years and paid for everything even though he made the same amount as me a month.

If you need some Scriptures to help build your faith for a spouse, meditate on these verses:

I had just finished college when we got together but I had 3 children that were not his. I thought because they were my children the bills should all be mine and I never wanted him to throw it in my face that he supported my children. He was with me since my son was 3 months old and he told my girls to call him dad. I soon became okay with it because their dad wanted nothing to do with them. Even though I had an open door policy meaning anytime the dad wanted to see them he could because I wanted my kids to know I want the one to hurt them.

When with my exhusband husband at the time he told me to promise to never take them kids out of his life because he loved them more than his own. I still paid all the bills. All because I was responsible for them. I did all the housework, yard work and all the sports stuff for the kids. I ran into a friend from his work and he said my husband was bragging about how he got to keep his money And how I did everything.

This made me feel trampled on.

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Then he would tell others that every time I needed some money he gave it to me untrue because he only gave me his portion of the bills when I could get the nerve to ask. I was always honest with him so he knew I was saving money but only so we could buy a house.

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I had to pay his lawyer fees for him to fight in court for visitation. I worked in Elections full-time, had 3 kids in sports and the club but i did all the transporting.

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I got no help. I had to have surgery And he informed me I was responsible for my own bills if I missed too much work so I went back after 4 days but I should have been home 6 weeks. When he went for surgery I had to come home and wipe his but on my breaks and help him during my lunch. I even used almost all my taxes for 6 years to pay off his 18, back pay debt for child support. When we went to court he was told by judge that he had to have insurance for his son… Guess who paid for all medical, dental, and life insurance? I was getting exhausted and sick all the time. I would sleep in and he would call me lazy.

And everyone We spoke he would tell me to shut up I had to tape the lever down and then tape my cast to it… Just to push the mower. My dad died and he put me on a bus to travel down And identify his body. I forgot to tell u that this person I married was my best friend for 5 years before we got married and he was never like this before.

I had quit my career because I was unable to take the stress any longer and I needed time to figure out how to get out of this marriage. We even went to counseling and the counselor just wanted me to hear what my husband had to say. Three weeks is all I could handle listening to the same stuff I heard at home. I had to quit to work on me. Get my confidence back. There is no law against this. Then called the kids once month and would visit and spend money on them that I no longer had. I am still paying for him even though I am divorced.

I get nothing from anybody and I work to cover his debt. I am screwed just because I thought it was just my responsibility for all those years. My advice… Is to protect yourselves because no one will protect u.

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Terri, thanks for sharing your experience on this thread. I am encouraged that your divorce was a positive move in your life. Kids are not dumb and really do see everything. Very encouraging what you shared. Any financial offer from an ex spouse should be presented to your Attorney. Child support is for the welfare of your kids, and should never be negotiable, also it is the only financial bill that you can go to jail for not paying. Even if you still have feelings for your ex spouse and potentially could reconcile later, you have to stand up for yourself and your kids during this matter.

This is not about vengeance at all, but survival. Agreeing to any terms without a 1, Attorney can only end in your demise. Get a good Attorney that does family court, you may can get your Attorney fees paid by your ex spouse, more specially since you have kids. Just remember, anything you get out of the divorce helps the kids! Unfortunately, many women in a divorce situation believe that they can fight very hard for maximum money without expecting the husband to fight hard in the area of custody, as if the two are totally unrelated. Bio mom never was in the pic, raised him till he was almost We went to high school together.

He has been married twice, had a girl with 1, signed his rights away cause the second wife was prego.

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  4. He did 8 yrs in marine Corp when that happened in Cali. The other 2 kids went back n he filed for divorce and custody of boy. I worked 11 yrs full time before this. After living in my house he wanted to leave and go in the guard. So basically we moved to Missouri by Oklahoma. New vehicles, 4-wheelers, maxed my card out.

    Low n behold he filed bankruptcy before moving in with me. Now in the middle of all this he denies that I need any alimony, help paying half lawyer fees and court cost.

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    My heart is torn. He always said u never have to worry I would never take the only mom he has ever had from me. No just my kid but the whole house full of shit. After 14 yrs. So sad. Wat do u all think of this. I never moved I got agoraphobia so bad.

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    I looked for work n never got hired n gave up. I have all kinds of mental problems now. I hope that you are getting good legal advice about alimony, and the division of property that you accumulated during the marriage.. You are earning more than him too. You can take as much time as you need. If you are in the process of getting a degree or certificate when you separate, the courts will usually order support based on you going to school rather than working. If not, then map out your proposed course of education so that the court can see what you are intending and ascertain that it is reasonable.

    That way, you might be able to avoid having the court impute income to you while you are going to school. All thus time I was told that he was just a lesbian stuck in a mans body. I tolerated his crossed dressing as long as it was done away from me in private.

    Even message boards were ok as I wanted him to be able to talk to others and have support.

    He said its only not having the money to do this or else he would. When we are out in debt a three years that could be his plan. We have one teenager. I been crying all day and he stays away from me. He said sorry but things changed. I have no idea what to do… I am so hurt and I have my child to consider too.

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    I had to reach out to you, cause I am going thru the same thing! Married for 20 years, 2 kids, house… My husband does the cross dressing and did it 2 other times during our marriage, but he tried to stop after those 2 times. Now I find out that he is also bi curious and looking for a man! I believe he is also looking to make the change. I want a divorce and he says he will stop everything if I stay….. Who is he kidding.

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    Get out as soon as you can, it may be tough, but you will be better off mentally!! Good luck! And during our 15 yr marriage I did not know until 2 years ago, He still denies it, but I found him in ed with his friend in our hoe after he thought I fell asleep and I tip-toed down stairs and peeked in the room, how I got back upstairs after seeing what I saw without him knowing I saw what I saw was the work of God.

    Thank God I have recorded calls and I cloned his phone before he left and he has no idea.