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So, as I was saying. Finn, he's a freak. He enjoys pushing his boundaries, and that's an amazing way to get off. And what I also enjoyed was that in the same time it took for him to climax, he realizes that what he's just experienced with Max supercedes a quick fling. It's that realization that allows him to feel so hurt at Max's 'initial' rejection. Anywhooooo, it's delightful to see them make their way back to each other.

I loved Finn seeing warm, caring and emotional sides of Max, and finding himself floored by each discovery. Or how gentle and nurturing Max was with Finn, when his persona is so utterly male and marine. So yep, It was a good read. If you're just starting out with this series, I suggest you begin with 2- Happy Ending- Seth and David.

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And so worth it. I kept right on reading till there was nothing left. Gobbled it up in one sitting.

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  • Happy Reading Y'all! This story is so much more than you expect.

    (6) Finn & Kasim 23rd November 2016 Finn Only

    The characters are compelling and the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat. I was left wanting to experience much more of Max and Finn and Smithfield. And to be honest, things got a little crazy there at the end on the boarding school grounds. It took me awhile to warm up to both MCs, Max specifically. Finn, the other MC calls him robocop.

    Finn is a theatre and creative writing teacher at a prestigious prep school in Connecticut. Max thinks him lax. A decent strong even if it went a bit wonky toward the end. This book doesn't take any time in immersing the listener into the lives of Max and Finn. The chemistry between these two characters is awesomely hot. Lots of foreplay via bickering and touches. Shannon Gunn - you're an incredible narrator!

    Any additional comments? He is also the guy who seduced the super sexy security specialist, and former marine, Max Douglas last summer. A meeting which also ended humiliating and embarrassing Since that embarrassing summer evening has Finn done everything he can to not never ever again bump in to the Max-Man again. So when Max arrives at school a couple of months later, to protect a high profile student against a mysterious stalker, Finn just want to become invisible and disappear.

    A lot of things starts to happening. There is also someone who wants Finn's celebrity son student, and perhaps Finn himself, badly. The tension rises Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? I am not sure I can recommend it. I would definitely recommend other Smithfield books though. What could L.

    Men Of Smithfield Max And Finn Gregg L B (ePUB/PDF) Free

    Gregg and Shannon Gunn have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you? I think Shannon knows the characters well and did a good job with them. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? I think this book is a must-have if you like the other Smithfield books. The main character is a bit shallow, worse yet, I ended up feeling sorry for the bad guy However, if you are a first time reader of the Smithfield series, I recommend you check out "Mark and Tony" or "Seth and David", these were more compelling. I do love that characters from other books show up in this book too.

    That's a lot of fun. It was well written and a good addition to my collection but not a book I'd try to listen to twice. Might have to listen to Mark and Tony again though Finn hooks up with Max right before he plans on firing him from his tutoring job. Then Max and Finn meet a second time, this time Max is the bodyguard to one of Finn's students.

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    They are thrown together trying to keep Hemi safe. They work together trying to figure out who is trying to scare them and possibly kill them. The two of them end up together and Max saves Finn from a maniac. I absolutely love this entire series! However Max and Finn has been so very unexpected. I like the care the author has taken with developing the characters. They were funny, and likeable, and the author had a good grasp on personality development and setting. I loved the action filled ending! Good narration again but the story was not up to the same standard as the other books.

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