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Honey wasn't in love with him, but accepted his offer in order to get herself out of a difficult situation….

Separate rooms would suit her just fine! But what on earth had Honey got herself into? It soon became obvious that Ben had deceived her about his reasons for proposing marriage to her. What was he up to, and were their wedding vows really based on a lie? International: overseas shipping to World Zones 1 to 8. Postage charges vary according to the weight of your items and the destination country, and are calculated at the checkout.

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Sie sind bereits eingeloggt. Klicken Sie auf 2. Alle Produkte. He had never believed in her Isabel Ashley, a successful model, had no desire ever to see Alex Seton again. Throughout a disastrous marriage to his cousin, which ended in divorce, Alex had been hostile, believing she was unfaithful and interested She could see no future for herself Sara's hopes of becoming a famous dancer were shattered when an ankle injury abruptly ended her career.

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For Sara it was the end of her world. At first she didn't take seriously the offer of a job. What could Rafe Fleming followed in his father's footsteps and was now the ov Morgan didn't play Holly's kind of game Morgan Kane arrived on Pulpit Island in the Caribbean with strict instructions: collect his boss's daughter and bring her back to London.

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Holly Forsyth had no intention of leaving her job at the mission s Once he'd made her feel so special Perhaps that was why he had succeeded where other men had failed. If Laura had not been so naively flattered by Jason's attentions three years ago, she might have recognized him sooner for what he was, instead of Could it be more than infatuation? And admittedly she was more than flattered by his interest in her. But how could she take him seriously? Ben couldn't love her. She was Could he ever belong to her?

Antonia was devastated to learn that the very attractive man she had met at Celia's party was none other than Reed Gallagher, Celia's fiance. He hadn't acted like a man in love, but perhaps their sort of people behaved The demands of a young woman's heart are Hidden in the Flame Catherine huddled in the ashes of the but she had shared with her father. Her eyes could not focus on his dead body.

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Her mind would not admit that their life together was over. She kne You never forget your first love Ten years ago, Jordan Lucas fell innocently in love with a musician visiting her Caribbean island home. She experienced the soaring flight of first love and the bitter crash of betrayal. She needed no reminder But it was too late now. The tables had turned.


Alexis Roche was no helpless victim. He was a seasoned hunter committed to the cha Fate forced Lani St. John to an impossible choice when her adolescent dreams became a wrenching reality. For Jake Pendragon, the brilliant concert pianist she had loved from afar for years, reentered her life with an undeniable, devastating attractio For she had loved Heath since childhood, and as she'd grown into a woman, her emotions had deepened and changed in ways she was onl She thought of him as her father's friend Matthew Wilder had been a brilliant medical researcher who had suddenly disappeared from Joanna's life.

Her memory of him was vague.

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When they finally met again on a remote Florida key, he bore no resem She had made her choice years ago As a girl, Jaime had learned how powerful love can be in the arms of a wealthy Italian count, Raphael di Vaggio. Yet she had rejected him to pursue her career. He had found someone else and for five years Jaime After enduring a disastrous marriage she was now ready for an affair with no strings attached.

But Jay Ravek was not like any man she'd known before. He was a t The lush night released undreamed-of passions When a tropical storm battered the tiny Caribbean island of Indigo, Ruth Jason's sheltered life was dramatically changed. Young and vulnerable, having lived virtually alone with her father on the islan Abby couldn't deny Piers's statement. Time had certainly proven that true, but the young Abby had loved him with all the passion within her.

At that time she could not have foreseen the awful events tha Could she disguise her love for Jared? Rhia couldn't refuse to impersonate her sister - after Valentina had fled - to aid in Glyn Fraser's recovery. It was Val's fault the young man had been blinded in a car crash.

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Jared Fraser, Glyn's autocra Alex was not the man she expected him to be The time for Olivia's revenge had come. Her elderly husband, Henry Gantry was dead.

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She'd take Henry's monument to himself, his fabulously wealthy corporation, and either sell it or put it in the hands o She couldn't bear the unexpected truth Sara gladly accepted the offer of acting as companion to her youthful Aunt Harriet. Her father had recently died, and she welcomed the solace the English countryside offered.

But life in Harriet's househo Sylvie reluctantly took Margot's place Sylvie's sister, Margot, was determined to become an actress. She refused to live in Greece with her husband, Leon Petronides, and their small son. So Sylvie found herself going to Greece to look after the bo The reunion was almost unbearable Ashley could hardly believe she was actually seeing her son. Circumstances had forced her to give him up at birth seven years earlier to her deceased husband's wealthy Arab family.

Now the unexpected sight of H He'd be her friend but never her lover Caroline's job as governess at a Mexican hacienda was more demanding than she'd dreamed possible. Her employer, Esteban, was an evil and vulgar man, and he wanted her. She turned for help to Luis de Monte Rachel could tell something was wrong Rachel had been hesitant to spend the Christmas holiday with the Shards in their Newcastle home.

After all, Liz and Rob were Jaime's parents and might have been Rachel's in-laws had circumstances been differen She was shocked to discover that the position she had accepted as governess was the in the home of the man she had spent six years trying to forget.

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Aware that nothing had really changed, The valley's fate was in Rafe's hands Everyone wanted to know whether Rafe Glyndower would turn over his father's centuries-old estate to modern lead mining. Catherine's uncle was a farmer-tenant whose livelihood would be ruined; he convinced C He'd forgotten the love they'd shared Tobie was happy with her boyfriend, Mark, until he insisted on their flying to the Caribbean to meet his family.

He was unaware that Tobie knew his half brother, Robert, all too well. Their devastating affair She was betrayed by her own emotions! Abby considered her marriage over. Why couldn't Rachid just accept the fact and give her a divorce? In the two years since she left Abarein, the Middle East country where Rachid was crown prince, she'd trie Joanna didn't know what to expect Necessity forced Joanna Seton to accept a position as governess to Jake Sheldon's daughter.

She set out for Ravensgarth, his farm in the Lake District, with a determination to make the best of what she found. She hadn't expected a memorable summer Julie had come to the Canadian summer resort to forget about her father's tragic suicide. Adam Price, her fiance, would handle the business details.

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All she had to do was relax. But how could anyone relax She and her mother could no longer afford to keep it up. But she couldn't agree with her mother that selling it to the popular writer, Jarret Man She'd been tricked into this confrontation with her husband, and his proposal amazed her. After five years apart, she was bein The will stated that Lisel would inherit! Domine and her brother naturally expected to inherit their grandfather's fortune. It was a shock to learn it was left to a cousin they'd never heard of. And living in Peru! To make matters worse, Lisel Sara walked right into a dangerous trap And what made it even worse was the fact that her friend, Diane Tregower, had coldly, calculatingly sent her into it.

Richard replied with the hard assurance of a successful businessman. I expect to collect the Alex yearned for freedom! Brought up in a French convent, Alex had been sadly neglected by her archaeologist father. He died leaving her starved for affection, desperate to love and be loved - desperate enough to trick her father's friend, Jason It was too late to turn back now Alix stood in front of the gates of the Hall apprehensively.

Had she been mad in agreeing to this deception? If Oliver Morgan discovered the real reason behind her taking this job, the consequences, she knew, could Emma had to admit that she was curious Jordan had said the matter was one of life and death, but since she wouldn't agree to meet him she would never know. Emma's hands trembled as she hung up the receiver, the familiar resentment she felt tow But how could she explain that a man she'd known less than a week, a man who had r Miranda refused to listen to warnings.

She didn't love Mark Sanders, but that didn't matter. He was heir to the estate where her mother was housekeeper. As Lady Sanders, Miranda could ensure a better life for her mother as well as herself. Carne expected her to just meekly agree "What about me? Don't I have any say in the matter? After all, Came had ignored his wife and child for three years. Why should he be interested in them now? Lesley only The island was a paradise of golden sands and blue skies - of burning desires Beth had come to marry Willard Petrie, a widower twice her age; a gentle man who would replace desire with respect.