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Over 60 staff then allow me to indulge you. Get a chocolate are employed at the factory and, from bar and, against all your natural instincts, try to appearances, I don't doubt their commitment. Then take a moment "My team are extremely focused. Weare like a to savour the tantalising smell of chocolate family here," Peter declares proudly. I couldn't inside. Now picture yourself actually inside, agree more. I immediately get the impression confined within the four walls of the wrapper that this is no ordinary factory.

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If the And then, as he and I enter the adjoining room, mere thought of that sounds good to you, what I try to pull myself together. I make a great effort line 59 would it be like to breathe in the aroma of this to control my excitement, reminding myself that fine chocolate every single day? I ask Leona that the real purpose of my visit is to gather information very same question. A conveyor belt transports small I've worked here for so long I don't even notice cubes of sweet centres towards a chocolate water- it any more," Leona admits. To my mind, that is fall, with the promise of being enveloped in a thick, line 22 an absolute tragedy.

But she later confesses that luxurious layer of chocolate. Moon picks up a tray she still eats a few pieces of chocolate every day. Each egg is I observe Leona as she expertly handles ready to be filled and brushed over with more customers who are desperate to get their orders chocolate to seal it. Coloured cocoa butter will then in on time. The factory's chocolate has just be painted on to it to give it a shiny exterior.

It is been given the highest rating in a recent obvious that a significant amount of care and consumer report and needless to say, the orders attention goes into making Moon's chocolates, and have been flooding in. The boom in business each one is finished lovingly by hand. By finding ingredients from all door at the back, dressed in a white hat and a around the world, Peter is responding to the heavy-duty rubber apron. After polite intro- growing trend of chocolate connoisseurs who hold ductions, he immediately launches into his tasting evenings with friends. They enjoy trying to favourite topic.

As I leave, I learn that Peter. And yes.. The Spaniards are wondering, I did get to take some home! A how busy it is in the reception area found in the text in the same order as B , the unusual appearance of the building the questions. Questions are usually C the smell of chocolate in the building one per paragraph.

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It is a good idea to D the way she is greeted by Leona Moon read ALL the paragraph carefully before choosing an option. B able to imagine her experience more clearly. C understand how the factory workers feel. D want to visit the chocolate factory themselves.

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B confesses to eating chocolate every day. C says the smell is not as strong as it once was. D doesn't even like the smell of chocolate. A She is going to experience something that few people get the chance to.

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B She is impressed by the way that Leona deals with the customers. C She shares Leona's excitement about a recent consumer report. D She is happy that Leona's business has just become very successful. B can tell her a lot about the history of the Aztecs. C doesn't really care about polite introductions.

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D is interested in everything connected with his job. What does the writer suggest about the staff at the factory? A They seem to care deeply about their work. B They don't seem to be working very hard. C Many of them seem to be related to each other. D They seem to get on very well with Peter Moon. The writer says 'I try to pull myself together' line 59 to show that she A feels as if she is in two places at the same time.

B is finding it difficult to stay calm and do her job. C is tired of gathering information about the factory. D can't remember the real purpose of her visit. What do we learn about Peter Moon's chocolate in the last paragraph? A It is growing in popularity all around the world. B Its special ingredients make it taste like fine wine. C It is regularly tested by chocolate connoisseurs. D It must be eaten within three weeks after it is made.

Talking with Koko Dr Francine Patterson has spent her life attempting to communicate with humankind's closest relative, the gorilla. Dr Patterson was introduced to Hanabi-Ko Koko in her desire to have a baby. Patterson's people suggested , at a time when Koko was just a tiny, undernourish- Michael as a father but Koko surprisingly showed signs ed one-year-old gorilla. Patterson was in search of a of human-like embarrassment, explaining that she candidate for her forthcoming four-year project, with considered Michael to be more like a brother since they Stanford University, on inter-species communication.

On a visit to San Francisco Zoo, Dr searching his rooms and signing his name repeatedly. Patterson's eyes immediately fell on Koko. One particularly memorable moment occurred From the beginning, Patterson chose to when Koko was experiencing great pain. After signing to communicate with Koko through American Sign her caregivers that she had a toothache, she was able to Language. She began by teaching Koko the basic signs. IIID After the painful tooth by combining different signs for words she already knew was removed she received a full health check-up and and casually dropping them into her 'sign conversations' thankfully was found to be in good shape.

For instance, when she wanted to signal Over the years, technology was used to enrich Koko's 'ring', a word she had not been taught yet, she signed world. To provide her with a voice, she was given a 'bracelet' together with 'finger'.

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Although this was not specially adapted computer and a screen on which she traditional sign language, it made sense. The screen was housed in the After some time of having only human company, floor of her enclosure and could withstand kg of Koko signed that she still felt lonely. So a friend was gorilla force. IIID She could switch the lights on found for her in the form of Michael, an orphaned and off when she wanted, for example. And in , the gorilla from Cameroon. II0 They became world watched in wonder as Dr Patterson conducted the inseparable.

Although there were no plans to teach world's first inter-species live web chat with Koko. Michael to sign, he had an aptitude for learning and was Although some are sceptical about Koko's true intel- very willing. By the end of his first year, Michael had ligence, it can not be denied that Koko has challenged learnt over twenty signs, some of which were even taught the world's stereotypical view of the angry, blood-thirsty to him by Koko.

Amazingly, the pair even began to sign gorilla. III0 Its main aim is to make people aware to each other.

B If only all animals could tell humans this F As a result, they were destined to remain kind of information. D However, it soon became clear that Koko H At first they did not take to each other, but was not only learning each sign, but also they started to get on and eventually formed logically adapting the sign language herself. Look out for pronouns, both in the text and in the sentences e.

These will help you make the right connections between ideas. For questions , choose from the advertisements A-D. The advertisements may be chosen more than once.

Don't waste time reading the whole text in detail - zoom in on what answers the questions. Which of the advertisements mention s : something participants in the experience must bring with them? Are you are afraid of flying, here is the answer - indoor fed up with the usual routine and want to do skydiving. You will feel like you are freefalling something a little more exciting than walking from a plane, even though you are only about two around the shopping centre on Saturday feet off the ground, as a giant propeller blasts air at mornings?

Then roll up, roll up - come and join mph, suspending you in the airflow. It is a the circus!

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  • During your session at Britain's top freefall experience that everyone must try, at the circus skills school, you will learn about the world's biggest skydiving wind tunnel, in physical strength required for the trapeze and Bedfordshire, England. Compared to other similar acrobatics, practise your coordination skills while experiences on the market, you will get more 'flight juggling and attempt to acrobalance otherwise time' in the wind tunnel and, when you finish, a known as tightrope walking. All the instructors DVD containing footage of your flight for you to are professionals with first-hand knowledge of the remember the experience.

    This facility also caters techniques and equipment used. You'll be learning to international skydiving teams, so be assured that the basics in no time, so you can impress all your you'll be in the safest hands.

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